Xbox 360 Slim #E3

Microsoft’s sexy new boasts some impressive stats with a 250GB hard drive, glossy new finish and smaller frame, built in wi-fi, a “touch” power button and a Kinect ready port. Most importantly to many Xbox 360 owners such as myself, it runs in the equivalent of whisper mode compared the jet engine howling fans on the current Xbox 360 models.

You can tell how important ventillation is to the new Xbox 360 “Slim” in these new high resolution images below (click the first to enlarge). It really is a sleek design and should look fantastic sitting next to an equally glossy original Playstation 3 console.

If you thought no one would be willing to upgrade their current Xbox 360 console for this new model for $299.99, think again. The Xbox 360 250GB slim is already the top hourly seller at online retailer and it doesn’t ship until June 19. Pretty impressive stuff.

Check out or pre-order the Xbox 360 Slim at




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