Premium on demand services once again rumored to get movies still in theaters


So-called “premium” video on demand services, offering early access to studio films, have been rumored since the dawn of time — or maybe just since 2007 — but Reuters says various studios are back in talks with TV operators, including DirecTV and Time Warner, about bringing a couple of theater movies couch-side this fall, as quickly as 30-days after their theatrical release for $50, or $25, 60 days out. We know the precedent has technically already been set by IFC’s day and date HD on demand screenings, but this deal would actually revolve round mainstream titles, as opposed to art house sleepers, and supposedly justify the ridiculous “premium” rates. Hey, the studios have to make up eroding revenues from Blu-ray / DVD sales someway right? As expression goes though, we’ll believe it when we see it, and meanwhile reassure our easily-teased home theaters that EPIX films on Netflix Watch Instantly are really coming September 1st.

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