Time Crisis: Razing Storm #E3

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What We Already Know

It’s a PlayStation Move-enhanced Time Crisis game. Which means plenty of shooting and gestural input.

What We’re Seeing Now

A ton of frenzied shooting action. This is the first Time Crisis game with destructible environments, so the screen is constantly filled with random debris flying off from wherever your bullets happen to land. As with other Time Crisis games, the action in the main game takes place on rails; players raise or lower a shield by holding down the Move button on the controller, and blast the crap out of anything that gets in their way with the trigger on the underside. And it works surprisingly well; the precision of the Move seemed to provide pretty much the same effect as a light gun, although it’s perhaps slightly harder to sight down the barrel of.


But the traditional arcade mode is only part of the picture here. The game will also include a story mode that will allow players to move around off-the-rails with the help of the navigation controller. The game also includes an online mode which will feature up to eight players — though Namco is keeping mum on further details. Also part of the package is Sentry mode, which pits up to four players (local or online) against ever-increasing waves of enemies.

And speaking of the package, Time Crisis: Razing Storm isn’t the only game you’ll get on this disc; Namco is also planning to include the arcade version of Time Crisis 4, as well as another Namco shooter, Deadstorm Pirates. That’s three shooters for the price of one — and don’t worry, GunCon owners, Namco hasn’t forgotten about you. The game will support that venerable peripheral as well as the Move.


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