Rock Band 3 and Dance Central Announced and Demo’ed at #E3

Today Harmonics Displayed Rock Band 3 and Dance Central.  Rock Band will come out on Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3 and will be compatible with a REAL working Guitar and a Keyboard.  This time around you are able to use a real guitar that actually enables the player to learn how to actually learn to play a guitar.  The mode has a tutorial feature that teaches you the notes and where/how to play them. Rock Band 3 comes with 85 Tracks and is completely backwards compatible with all previous Rock Band games and downloads.  The game now features the ability to Drop in and out of a game any time along with a Quick Game Play Mode called Road Tour for a group who wants a fast game that only lasts and hour or 2.  Also coming this Holiday Season is Dance Central from Harmonics.  This new game from the Creators of Rock Band will teach the players how to dance using Kinect from Microsoft. This game will come out this holiday Season and will feature 30 songs as well as have DLC.

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