Nintendo 3DS Priced, Dated…For Japan


Well, it’s official…sort of. Nintendo announced today during a press event in Tokyo that the Nintendo 3DS will arrive in Japan on February 26,  2011 for 25,000 yen, or around $300.

Nintendo was a bit less specific about the release date for North America and Europe, but it did say the highly anticipated/mind melting handheld would be released sometime in March 2011. No holiday-time 3D handheld gaming for you!

Company president Satoru Iwata also showed off the 3DS’ new passive tag functions, which searches out and finds other nearby handhelds to connect with, and can be used to download content while the 3DS is in sleep mode.

Iwata also revealed the new Mii Studio, which, as reports, players can use to make Miis out of pictures taken by the 3DS’ camera. The 3DS will also come bundled with a 2GB memory card.


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