Comic-Con To Stay In San Diego


In spite of rumors to the contrary that circulated at this year’s show, the annual Comic-Con entertainment convention will continue to be held in San Diego for at least the next five years. Comic-Con officials announced Thursday that San Diego had beat out Los Angeles and Anaheim as home to the convention through at least 2015.

“San Diego has been home to Comic-Con for over 40 years and it’s an honor to continue hosting this important event, which is now so much a part of the fabric of our community,” Mayor Jerry Sanders said. Mayor Jerry got together with local business, and gathered together a large amount from the citys budget and local business to keep comic-con.

“Our bid was successful because of the combined efforts of our Convention Center team, the hotels and our entire hospitality community,” Sanders added

I have mixed feelings about the news, honestly. San Diego is a beautiful, friendly city, but on the other hand, I think the con has outgrown the SD Convention Center — The Comic-Con show floor can be as packed as a Tokyo subway car at times during the Con. But still, moving it to Vegas would kill a lot of the small-town-meets-nerds vibe that Comic-Con brings every year, and moving it to L.A. would kill the community asp[ect of the the Con altogether. It would mean no more neighborhood street parade of awesome, as everyone would have to drive to every non-convention-related peripheral event.

On the whole, I think it’s a good thing, and I look forward to attending the Convention again at its ancestral home.

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