The moment we saw the Creditor carbon fiber money clip knife, we had to have one.  Pictures don’t do much justice until you’re holding one in your hands and realize how small and lightweight it is.  The actual knife itself is smaller than a credit card and is made up of a killer list of materials including real carbon fiber, D2 tool steel, stainless steel and titanium.

Creditor carbon fiber money clip knife

Normally when we think of a carbon fiber knife, something like the Spyderco Sage comes to mind…the carbon fiber aspect is all in the handle.  With the Creditor the actual blade has an element of carbon fiber on it.  In fact the blade is made up of a laminate of D2 tool steel and carbon fiber.  The actual sharp part of the blade is the steel ensuring it being sharp and can be sharpened.  The handle in this instance is lightweight titanium.

Creditor carbon fiber money clip knife

The blade folds into the handle, giving it the slim and small profile which can even fit in a wallet.  Speaking of low profile, the thickness is just the size of about 3 credit cards if you don’t count the clip on the back.  Fold out the knife and the size is instantly doubled.

Creditor carbon fiber money clip knife

The back of the Creditor has a clip on it, allowing you to use this as a money clip, fitting a few cards and bills onto the knife.  We put together a little video that demonstrates how the Creditor works, it will give you a much better idea of what you can expect:


To pick one up for yourself, head over to the product page in our store.

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