64 GB white iPhone caught in the wild… running prototype iOS 4 with Expose, new folder system, Facebook integration?

Remember the second people to bring the world legit photos of the iPhone 4? How about a mid-year MacBook refresh and an iPod touch camera prototype? Well, they (Tinhteare back and they’re back with a white iPhone 4. It’s not any white iPhone 4, see, it runs a never before seen version of iOS 4. From the looks of things, iOS 4 could have lost the Spotlight search menu from the iOS 3 days and the iOS 4 multitasking instead could have been an Expose multitasking page with a Spotlight menu at the top of the display. Really cool stuff happening here. (via Engadget)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gSqtubjTis&fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0&hd=1]

Update: We’ve found a new video from the same source, this time showing off some of the device’s hardware: it’s 64 GB and obviously a prototype based on the camera and buttons designs. Oh, iOS 4 could have brought a brand-new home screen folders interface… it’s/was awesome!

Why we think it’s really something Apple crafted: This particular phone is running an Apple-internal application called “Radar” in addition to a game called “Tough Fighter.” If you’re not familiar, Touch Fighter is a game Apple actually built to show off the iPhone’s accelerometer and graphics performance at one of their early SDK keynote. Some of the settings menus also look pretty internal

Update 2: Facebook integration in iOS? It’s probably integrated nicely with Media Stream for photo uploading and such. Cool. Thanks, Will StrafachStephen HPiratx

Remember that Facebook video uploading we found in iOS 4 that never made it to the market? Yeah…


Tinhte shows the iOS 4.0 system version and model number panes:

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