Using Personal Branding for Job Search

In our Economy Finding a job can be a bit difficult, even for those of us who have experience and skills that are being sought after. Here are a few tips on using personal branding in the search for a new job. These Tips will help to greatly improve your chances of getting that job that your seeking.

QR Code Use

QR codes have been taking off for the last few years as Marketing tools. Though most of the campaigns done with QR codes are implemented poorly you can learn to use QR codes to boost your visibility during a job search. You have a chance to point people who are evaluating you to your blog, web site, and any other relevant material that will help market you.  Some examples of QR codes used to market people are Business Cards, Resumes, and Name Badges.

By using QR Codes you have the ability to direct recruiters and hiring managers to content that you want them to see. Using QR codes on your resume and business cards helps to show recruiters that your are in touch with modern technology. It’s a chance to show off your attributes and showcase what your “Specializations” are in your field.

DIY Video

DIY (Do It Yourself) Video’s were once more difficult to produce than they are now. With technology being cheaper to obtain now getting a device that can record in HD quality. DIY Videos can help you stand out when searching for a job.  Beyond Creating Tutorial videos that show off your knowledge and skills you can create a Branded Bio Video. A branded bio video allows you to showcase your knowledge, experience, credentials and successes with a personal touch. If you don’t have the time or experience to edit your own video after recording it there are various places online that specialize in those services.

Once  your video is done make sure to upload your video online to a video sharing site such as Youtube, Vimeo or any other major sharing site.  Make sure to app in LinkedIn to embed your video bio to your LinkedIn account.

Professional Headshot

Do you have a Good Headshot on your profiles?  If not then people are less likely to click on LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other online profile.  People want to be able to relate a face with the name they are looking at. People are less likely to believe the content thats you your page if the picture is missing from your profile. Many people are still reluctant to upload a photo to their online profiles due to various reasons, and are unknowingly ruining the chances of being considered for a job. With it being common for recruiters to use Google, Facebook, and many other online profiles to find candidates your first impression could be be your LinkedIn profile or and other online site.

Having a photo uploaded onto your accounts makes sure that when people are researching you they find a face that they can connect to your experience and credentials.  Because a simple search will yield the photos from different sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and your Google Profile having multiple professional looking headshot can greatly improve your chances of standing out.

Employment Status

Recent studies have shown that if your status when applying for a job is unemployed it greatly reduces your shot at being hired. has show that in 2011 employers preferred hiring people that already had jobs over those who had been laid off.  That means that if your currently unemployed and looking for a job you need to look active. What this means is that you need to volunteer for projects or actively pursue something that your passionate about such as side projects. These will help you look more appealing then someone who’s desperately putting all their effort into looking for a new job.

Make sure to keep yourself busy, if you don’t have any projects that your currently working on find places where you can volunteer. Get in the habit of being “Self Employed” while looking for jobs to keep you active and sharp.  Getting into the proper mindset can ensure that you look like an attractive candidate. Make sure to use the right keywords in your profiles that will help employers find you. Lately Keep your online Profiles up to date to make searches and inquires relevant for them.


Remember if your looking for a job or new clients your only as good as the opinions of those who know you.  What your peers say can be critical to getting hired, so don’t undervalue those around you.  Many social sites such as LinkedIn and Yelp offer the ability to request and display reviews that are critical about you or your organization.  These are extremely important to people who are making decisions about you.  So if your looking for a job go out and get some good feedback, testimonials and recommendations for others and make to have the visible on your various online profiles. These include not just your social media sites but also your website. Remember that some recruiters may be wary of people with no external recommendations or testimonials.

Get A Qwiki

Qwiki is a interactive, form of wikipedia with the ability to add all kinds of different Multimedia. It’s fully customizable and its a great way to communicate. With Qwiki your able to create a great interactive brand presentations.  You have to ensure that you take every single change that you have to make and obtain images, and videos that are very relative to your brand. Qwiki offers you a chance to put together a custom and exciting presentations about you and your brand. The best part is with the more content that you have the more awesome your presentation will be

Job Listings

Be aware that for every job posting that is put online there are many unqualified people who apply for them. Especially when you think about how the economy is currently doing. The amount of resumes that come flooding in when there is a posting is unbelievable, their is no way that someone could possibly go through each resume. Thats why more and more hiring managers are going online to search for qualified candidates.  They spend hours online going through social networking sites in an effort to find qualified potential candidates.  It’s more likely that your next job may come to you, if your presence is strong online. You have to make sure to update and fully engage on your profiles if you want to increase your odds. And always make sure that you include proper keywords into your posts so you can be found by people who are seeking your field of experience.

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