JetBlue Is Offering All You Can Jet Deal for 3 Months with BluePass

JetBlue has offered unlimited travel deals in the past with their All You Can Jet package, but this time they’re giving you even more time to travel. You can fly anywhere, as much as you want for three freaking months!

Sadly, as awesome as three months of unlimited travel sounds, it’s a bit more limited this year. There’s three different BluePass packages but only from two originating airports: Boston and Long Beach. The $2000 package lets you fly anywhere JetBlue flies as long as you start from Boston, the $1500 deal lets you fly to 13 different cities on the East Coast as long as you start from Boston and the $1300 package lets you fly to 9 different cities on the West Coast as long as you start from Long Beach. Why oh why can’t they add New York!

The unlimited travel lasts from August 22nd to November 22nd, 2011. Book a couple of trips and you’re already in the money. If only I could. [JetBlue]

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