Get Em While They’re Hot! Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins

BBC Worldwide Australasia and New Zealand Mint are offering a legal tender coin, and a series of collectible coins in celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary. New Zealand Mint will launch a one-ounce silver .999 coin which features an engraved picture of the iconic TARDIS. The coin comes packaged in a 3D model replica of the TARDIS, which opens with the iconic TARDIS “vwarp vwarp” sound. The coins themselves are legal tender for $2 in the South Pacific Island nation Niue, making them a must-have item for fans to collect.

Doctor Who 50th AnniversaryIan Rank Broadley Niue 2013 Effigy

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary TARDIS-and-OUter-Box

Later in the year, New Zealand Mint will also release collectible coins featuring all 11 Doctors, from the first Doctor played by William Hartnell, to the current incarnation – Matt Smith. Further Doctor Who coin releases are also planned for 2014 and 2015.

NZ Mint Chief Executive, Simon Harding, said: “I grew up watching Doctor Who as a child in New Zealand which, coincidentally, was the first country outside the UK to screen the show. It’s a great honour to now be asked to produce these coins to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Fans are going to really like what we’ve come up with.”

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 1oz Silver Coin currently goes for $129.83USD on Will you be collecting the Doctor Who coin series?

[Source: New Zealand Mint]



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