President Obama To Hangout in Google+ and You Can Be A Part Of It

As some of you might remember last year in November, Google+ rolled out the ability for Companies and Celebrities to have their own personal Google+ page. And now with President Obama in office, who is known for loving technology, the White House is going to be making good use of this with another attempt to engage young users and garner more attention to politics and voting. This now add’s to their list of social media outlets such as their official Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts that they have to easily engage with our nations youth.

The White House Google+ page contains official photographs, video’s , blog’s and of course any announcements that need to be be made. And with all of the features that are featured on Google+ the White House is now about to make interacting with the president a reality for some users directly after the State of Union speech. This will be accomplished with Google+ Hangouts and will help answer any questions that people may have as well as giving them the ability to give some insight into possible solutions or just share ideas with the President.

The best part about it is that on January 30th when President Obama initiates his Google+ Hangout it will be the first ever online interview with a U.S. President. Of course this is in hopes of bringing awareness to the youth of our country as well as encouraging more public participation into important matters. President Obama will also be answering questions that have been submitted via Youtube that day so if you have anything you’d like to ask head over and submit a question.

If you want to try your luck at being one of the lucky people chosen to speak with President Obama you can just join the official Google+ Hangout on January 30th and be one of the first in history to speak with the President online. If not just remember to head over to their YouTube Channel and Submit a question.


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