Find Facebook Messages that Have been Filtered and Hidden from you

As we all know Facebook has been no stranger to being in the spotlight for their privacy policies and lack of security with our information. I’ve seen many people going as far as to delete their profiles because of all of these issues with security and privacy. This time i’ve found another issue with Facebook that revolves around the Message inbox. If you log into your Facebook account and click on the Messages link on the left hand side you will see that there is a tab underneath it that says Other. Once you’ve clicked on that you’ll see messages that Facebook has decided are not worth your time.

From what i’ve seen in my inbox there are a few messages that are from brands and companies that i’ve liked in the past that were giving me random info. That part i didn’t really have a problem with, my problem was that i had messages in there from people i do talk to and that are my friends on Facebook. It was actually upsetting to see that they ended up in there but had no clear reason why.

I wasn’t being offered a deal of a life time by sending money to a nigerian price somewhere, they sent me “How are you doing messages” and other random friendly messages. I’m not sure how they are filtering out messages but it’s upsetting to see that. From What i saw they did filter out message from people who knew me who were not on my friends list, and of course the Brand’s and Companies that were sending updates.

While i do appreciate them sparing me the trouble of having to read the company messages, i’d like to be able to receive messages from my Facebook friends and people i know without having to check this “Spam” folder of sorts. At least they were not fully deleted but i’d be nice if we were informed of these “updates” so we could know where to check for missing messages.

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