Sony’s Holding My PSN Account At Ransom


This week I had another encounter with Sony’s Award Failing Crapstomer service team when I saw a charge from my PSN account, which has been laying dormant for a while since I never really game on my PS3. And as they not only failed to help me but filled me with anger and disdain for their brand, I remembered back when I had problems with my Xbox compared to problems with any PlayStation product.

In my years of gaming, I can recall having my Xbox 360 RROD on me a few times. For those of you who are fairly new to the gaming scene, RROD means Red Ring of Death and it’s when your Xbox displays a Red Ring around the power button. This was only true for me with my original white Xbox and it happened to me 3 times. But when it did happen, Microsoft tried to make sure that I would be fully taken care of. That even involved one Xbox that was out of warranty completely for a year or 2. Not only did they solve the issue for me by sending me a package to ship my Xbox securely over and have it repaired or replaced, but they also sent me a few months of Xbox Live each time as a “thank you for gaming with us and sorry for the mishap” gift. Ever since my first problem with Microsoft, I was happy to know that I had a company that cared and had my back when a problem arose no matter if it was out of warranty or not because they knew that my problem was due to their short comings and not to my care of the product. Since the launch of the new slimmer Xbox, I have not had any RROD issues or other hardware related problems so far.

With PlayStation, I’ve never really had the same type of care that not only I, but all PlayStation Members, deserve. First, when numerous PlayStation 3 units started to get overheated and needed repairs or a replacement, Sony turned a blind eye to its customers stating that they had to pay or get a new unit. Not only did this happen to me, but it happened to other several gamers I know. It’s sad to think that even though I loved my PlayStation products and supported them by buying all those damn Crash Bandicoot games and Tomb Raider games, they didn’t care what I had to say. Luckily, if you happen to be savvy enough and purchased your PS3 with a credit card you do have an extended warranty on that unit. But for those who didn’t know or were out of luck, then all Sony could tell you was to pay to have them look at it and then pay to have it fixed if they could. “It doesn’t matter if we made a huge batch of defective units. It’s OK we already got your money.”

PS3 Gimme Your Money
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This week, when I checked my account and saw that Sony was charging me for a PSN purchase, I was blown away by it. So I called in and asked to have them look into it and give me a refund. To my surprise they said I was out of luck so they couldn’t help me. I then went to my bank to let them know what happened and they fixed the problem for me. A few days later I log into my PS3 Slim to play Borderlands since I received two years of PlayStation Plus at E3 this year and to my surprise it said my account had been suspended. So I couldn’t access anything. I proceeded to call Sony to find out what the problem was, and the very rude customer service rep told that even though there was fraud on my card they suspended my account since it had used that card before. She tells me I should have called first before and then they could have helped me out.

When I informed her that I did call and that the rep couldn’t help me, she said “Oh well, maybe they didn’t try but you have to pay off these fraudulent charges or we won’t release your account from hold, so it’s your problem now.” With that said, I was thrown back for a moment before I requested to speak with a supervisor and she claimed that she was the supervisor and there was nothing else she could do. I was told they would email me instructions to make out a check to them, or I could just lose my account, purchases and PlayStation Plus. What if it was thousands of dollars worth of purchases?

It’s another very disappointing blow from Sony and not one that I expected to get from them. But with Sony’s lack of customer care and now lack of innovation, I wonder what other messes they might create for customers in the future. Fingers crossed that when I’m out at work, a Sony rep doesn’t break into my house and kidnap my cat until I pay off this PSN ransom.

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  1. My brother had a similar problem where he had charges to this ps3 account for stuff he didnt buy and it was for like $200 and sony didnt help him. they told him there was nothing he could do so he called his bank and they fixed it. problem was they froze his account. he was upset for a long time and then when the psn hack happened he was happy and switched to xbox. no problems now

  2. WOW! Almost exactly what happened to me! They told me to mail them a money order or check for the $17.99 Plus subscription (which they admitted they should have cancelled by the way) and they would re-activate my account and then send me the money back! That makes no sense at all! Why should I send you money, so you can turn around and send it back?!? Especially when you admit that the account should have never been charged!

    I have had this PS3 for 2 months now and will not be buying another Sony product again! Anyone want a like-new PS3? Very poor customer service!

  3. Same thing happened to me back in 2006. My account was hacked ($150) after being offline for a few months. I called customer support and they were very friendly and said to call my bank and report it. After I did that and my account was suspended, I called back and they were very rude. They said I could have my account back if I reported it to the police then they caught the guy and that guy paid back the money. I knew that would never happen so I bought an Xbox360 and never looked back until now. I decided to pre order PS4 because of all the BS with Microsoft now. Its like trading one poison for another. I should just cancel my pre order PS4 and find a new hobby.

    1. Thanks for sharing Austin, and sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, Sony’s way of handling these types of situation is poor and it seems like we don’t really have a say. We waited for a few months to see if the account would clear up but ended up paying the fees, about a week ago, just so we could use the PS+ we already had. Now, we’re still waiting for the suspension to be lifted off the account .

      At least Microsoft has reversed their policies. So now we’re considering the XBOX One. Guess you could just go towards Nintendo or PC.

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