Microsoft SkyDrive Gives You Free 25GB Upgrade

Microsoft has just revamped their cloud storage system “SkyDrive” this week. And with all the big news with cloud storage Microsoft changes things up by upgrading current users with an awesome upgrade to a free 25GB account. Users that already have a free 7GB account and are currently using 4GB or more have automatically been upgraded so they dont have to worry about upgrading.

And for those of you who have a Window Live account but have never used SkyDrive all you have to do is log in and click on the Free Upgrade button on the page. Another great feature is that now you can upload any file up to 2GB’s. That sounds a lot better than uploading files up to 300MB as previously available.

You can also edit Microsoft Office Documents and create content from within SkyDrive. Either way getting an extra 25GB of storage to place all those huge files is totally worth it. Swing by and grab your upgrade now while they last.

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