Flaw in Windows 7 Phones can Crash your Phone via a simple SMS

Well just when you thought Windows 7 Phones were safe, guess again. According to WinRumors you can Crash a Windows 7 Phone by simply sending a simple text message. It’s actually been found to be worst than that though because the same text message will Crash your phone if sent via Facebook or Windows live Chat.

If your wondering how exactly this Flaw works, it’s actually as simple as sending a SMS or other type of message to a Windows 7 user. Once the device receives the message it will crash and get stuck in a reboot cycle. When it does turn on it will not be able to run the message hub now matter how many times you try. As of now the flaw does not seem to be device sensitive as it’s working across a number of different devices, its basically just a software issue with the way that the phone processes the particular string of characters that come in.

And like i said once your able to get your phone running your message hub will no longer work, but you’ll also notice that the rest of the phone functions very slow and weird. The only fix that is available once this happens is a hard reset, but hey at least theres a way for you to fix your phone as of now.

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