ClockworkMod Tether Tethers Your Android Phone for Free and with No Root Required

So far most apps that allow tethering require the user to have rooted their phones. But today we have Clockwork Mod Tether which not only allows complete wireless tethering but it also wont require that you root your phone or purchase the app to do it.

As a previous android user i would use PDANet previously but it was only available to use with windows, and it also allowed for a non-root wired root solution. The big difference between PDANet and ClockworkMod Tether is that it works on Window’s, Mac and Linux and it has an awesome tethering method that makes it difficult for your carrier to detect. Best of all it’s easy to setup and free so all you have to do is plug in your phone, start the app on your computer and then install it on your phone.

Just make sure you remember that this is a wired tethering solution so you will have to have your device connect via usb and the application is currently still in its alpha stage so it may have a few bugs. However for a free app that helps keep your tethering hidden from your carrier it’s worth a try.

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