The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


After years since the first teaser at E3 Nintendo finally delivers the Legend of Zelda game that we have been anxiously waiting for. The game looks exciting as we will be able to roam around in a big open world environment. Watching the presentation we are shown a world that is reminiscent of Skyrim in which players will be able to roam around in a nonlinear fashion and explore areas at your own risk. I’m very excited for this and with this new style of game play we will also be getting the ability to equip different items such as clothing and armor with different values that will affect your stats.

This will change the world of Zelda and add so much more to the experience as you roam around to not only find new sets of armor and clothing but also being able to find new weapons and items to increase stats. In this new Legend of Zelda you will also be able to go and find food items that you can combine and cook to not only increase your health but to get stat boosts like added stamina or health. I’m really excited for what this new iteration of Zelda has to offer, with the new style of game play players seem to not be asking too much about the storyline to the game. But hopefully once the game is released and we get to immerse ourselves in an open world Hyrule I hope the story is just as alluring and impressive as the new features and style of play for fans.


Also this time around Link will get an item called a Sheikah Slate that appears to be a tool he’ll use throughout the game. “In past series we’ve used swords and magic, but this time around we’ve used technology,” Aonuma said. This is a bit different from the magical items that we’re used to wielding in Zelda games but i’m sure that we’ll have some of those stashed away in the game for us. And with the added ability to jump and dash at will, players will get a more natural feel to the combat and exploration aspects and will be able to explore the new dungeons this game has to offer with abilities.  So if you’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda, or just like to climb, swim, slash, or explore new worlds this game seems to offer it all, even for new fans of the franchise.


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