Sony PlayStation Conference Wrap Up

Now that Sony’s awesome E3 press conference is over, we’ve seen that there wasn’t a lot of new material from them. But there were some pretty cool things brought out and info on future products to come.

At the start of the conference, Jack Tretton took time out to issue an apology, after stating that there was an elephant in the room that he wanted to address. He issued an apology that seemed pretty sincere and unscripted thanking PlayStation users and developers for their patience while the company suffered attacks by hackers.

Most important was the revelation of their NGP now confirmed as PlayStation Vita and a price ($249US/$299US) for the PlayStation Vita. We also got a great deal of game play of a new Uncharted title for the PSVita and a nice glimpse of Street Fighter Vs. Tekken.

Sony also revealed another surprise piece of technology, a PlayStation branded 3D TV. The TV bundle is being released for $499US and honestly has a pretty cool feature where it lets a second player see a different screen through their glasses giving you full use of the screen. Check out the details here.

Those hoping that the HD re-releases of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and the PSP God of War games were to be in 2011 were rewarded when Sony announced both collections would be out in September.

Sony announced that EVE Online developers CCP will be releasing EVE spin-off Dust 514 as a PS3 exclusive that will link with PC players of the game. They called it their first true Multi-Platform game. I can’t wait to see this work and have more games incorporate it such as FPS like Call of Duty.

Last but not least we got to see a glimpse of a New Bioshock Game that is coming out as well as information that there will be a PS Move version of the game coming out as well. After all of that it was time to move onto the best part. The After Party with full hosted bar and game demos galore. After trying out games, we were treated to a rockin’ concert by Jane’s Addiction and a flurry of topless girls dancing. So far I’d have to say Sony’s had the most fun and cool conference this year.


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