Portal Fans Can Look Forward to Quantum Conundrum


Quantum Conundrum

Square Enix and Airtight Games brings us this fun first-person puzzle game – Quantum Conundrum. You play as a young boy who goes on a search to save his uncle stuck in another dimension. You must solve various puzzles in order to find him. There are four dimensions that you’ll encounter throughout the game – fluffy, heavy, slow-motion, and anti-gravity. If the game reminds you of Portal, that’s because Kim Swift (former Portal designer) played the role as creative director for this project.

Quantum Conundrum Screenshot

I got to play a simple tutorial demo at E3 and was pleasantly entertained. Throughout the tutorial, you have some help with the voice of your uncle Professor Fitz Quadwrangle, played by John DeLancie. You’ll have to find batteries to activate those different dimensions. Once you get the basics down, you’re given an Interdimensional Shift Device (or IDS Glove) to use in order to switch dimensions at your convenience when needed.

One of the dimensions such as fluffy will make objects 10x lighter so that you can pick them up and place or throw them wherever you need in order to continue on to the next puzzle. You’ll also come across some characters such as Ike (Interdimensional Kinetic Entity) the cute little critter that helps you out, and Dolly the cloning machine. Based on the demo, this looks like it’ll be a fun and entertaining game for anyone of all ages.

Quantum Conundrum Screenshot 2

Quantum Conundrum Screenshot 3

Quantum Conundrum is set to launch June 21st for Steam and sometime later this Summer for consoles. Will you be playing Quantum Conundrum?



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