OSVR Headset Rivals Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for only $399


This July OSVR will be releasing their HDK2 which packs the same specs of rival products from Oculus Rift and HTC Vive at a cheaper price point. OSVR or Open Source Virtual Reality consortium as its also known  aims to not only provide an open source platform for developers but also looks to shake up the VR world by providing a cheaper on par quality product that will help get VR into more users homes. When you look at the specs which I’m posting below you can see that for only $399 you’re getting a great product that runs as strong as its competitors. And after using this headset over at the UploadVR event I can tell you that I was impressed by its comfort and performance which felt like its rival Oculus Rift.



Hopefully developers will start to make some of the new upcoming titles compatible with this device so that users will have the option to choose the OSVR instead of its more expensive competitors. The only thing to keep in mind when comparing this products is that the HTC Vive comes with its special wand controllers, and the Oculus Rift has an Xbox on controller while the OSVR does not come with any controller. This isn’t a huge deal especially considering the price difference and the face that you can snag an Xbox controller for way around $60 bucks.  I’m looking forward to the release of the new HDK2 and I hope to see this device alongside its competitors at more and more events.

You can find more info here – http://www.osvr.org/hdk2.html

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