Game With Your Favorite Controller On Any Console Using Cronus


For most gamers, having to buy additional controllers for multiple consoles can get a bit pricey as well as being an inconvience to store all those controllers. But with a new gaming device called Cronus, Raptorfire promises to make our lives a bit easier by giving us the ability to use an Xbox, PlayStation or even Wiimote across any of those consoles.

This not only comes in handy when trying to have one $50 or more controllers but it also gives games the ability to use any controller they like on any of their consoles. Now of those PlayStation gamers who bought an Xbox for games like Halo, Fable and Gears of War can experience the game with their trusty PS3 controller that they have grown to love.

Cronus Device

It also means that if you have a special edition or custom controller that you like to game with, you can just use it and not have to worry about geting another console specific edition.

And best of all the device is easy to use and requires nothing more then plugging in the little black dongle into your USB port. The device itself is going to retail for $60 so that might be a factor in deciding whether or not this is right for you. But if you already own one console and you don’t want to buy addital ones for another console, it’s really a life saver.

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