Dance Central 2 Debuts

Last year when Microsoft Debuted Dance Central it was the first dance game to feature a full body, dance experience that was provided via the Kinect.  Undoubtedly the game did well and quickly became a party favorite, where players would start a game and of course a friend would join in on the fun.  The only thing that Dance Central didn’t provide was a multiplayer experience where you could dance at the same time as a friend or rival.  But this has all changed in Dance Central 2.

Now when you have a game going on a second player can join in at any time via the games quickplay mode.  Also the game now features the ability for either of the dancers to drop out of the game and not affect the gameplay of the remaining dancer. Instead, the remaining dancer will become the lead and be left to enjoy in all the dancing fun.

This time around the game’s Break It Down tutorial has been redone to focus more on moves and tempo, giving players the ability to slow down or speed up the move as they learn to master it at their own speed.  Multiplayer now implements this years now simultaneous dance feature where both players can battle on screen, freestyle dance, and also brings in some solos.  Freestyle gets a redesign as well with a new sculpted rendering of your body (as interpreted by the Kinect) where your body will be made of blocks giving you an 8-bit look.

We will also get to see some familiar faces and locations as well as the addition of new dancers and scenes.  And though the game will come with 40 new songs, it will also let players import their DLC from Dance Central as well as the original songs from the first game. All you need to do is have your disc and set to bring in the original play list.

If you’re a dance enthusiast or just someone looking to have fun and learn a few moves, then your bound to love Dance Central 2.  If you haven’t  already experience the first Dance Central game, I’d say it’s a definite must. Keep your peepers open this Fall to see when Dance Central 2 drops.

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