5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like The New Twitter

Ever since the new Twitter design rolled out, I immediately wasn’t a fan of it. Here are my 5 reasons why I don’t like the new Twitter.

1. Promotional Tweets
The two column switch – profile, tweet box, and trending topics on the left-hand side and timeline on the right. I believe the reason for this is based on how users/visitors scan a web page which is from top to bottom and left to right. While the left hand side is mostly focused on, twitter has a few promotional accounts/trends/tweets under the “Who To Follow”, “Trending Topics” sections and timeline. Because I’m using an Ad-Block extension, these promos don’t ever show up on my screen.

promotional tweets

2. Very Slow Response
Ever since the new redesign, Twitter has been very slow in user response. Almost every time I click on something, it takes about 2-4 seconds depending on what’s going on. And I hear a few others are encountering the same lag. Yup, I’m impatient and I think that 80% of everyone else is too.

3. Overlay Box
If you click on a person’s profile from your timeline or on “compose new tweet”, or even check your DMs, a minimal overlay box pops up. I’m not a fan of this as it seems everything is smushed into a very small box. Maybe if they made the overlay a little bigger, I’d reconsider it.

twitter overlay box

I actually preferred having the profile or DMs slide out to the right like below, which gives me a little more room to work with.

profile slide out

4. “Compose New Tweet” Button
I don’t see a need for this extra button. Why is there an extra button at the top right bar to compose a new tweet, when there’s already an area for it right in your profile area? I prefer to use the one already available to me on the left hand side. It takes just one click to put a cursor into that box, while it takes two clicks to start typing out my tweet using the “compose new tweet” button.

tweet box overlay

5. Confined Tweets In The Timeline
I find that the area of each tweet on my timeline are very confined.  I don’t know if it might just be me, but when I hover around a tweet, I feel like I could accidently click on something since a lot of the links are so close together. I have to be careful to make sure if I’m replying, retweeting, or favoriting the right tweet. It takes a bit getting used to. In the example tweet below, there are 8 things to click on! Those are 8 potential mistakes I could be making. It’s not detrimental but it can be inconvenient for the user.

confined tweets

Those are pretty much on what I don’t like about the new Twitter. Do you encounter some of the same issues? What do you think of the new Twitter?



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