Use any USB device with your iPad or iPhone with this new tweak

If your one of the many users with a jailbroken iDevice then chances are you like to use plugins, tweaks and hacks for your phone. And now a new release from the BigBoss repository comes from a dev named RMS. This new app named CameraConnector works with apples own hardware that allows users to plug in a dongle and be able to directly upload photos from one’s camera via USB to your iDevice easily. But with this new app users can now connect other devices to an iPhone, iPad or iTouch such as a mouse,keyboard or game controller.

Normally as we all know the only way to use any kind of keyboard we have to purchase a wireless keyboard to be able to use one, but with this nifty little app your able to use any keyboard whether it’s wireless or not. And though this may seem like a small tweak, it’s actually pretty cool for those of use who have cool hardware that is wired that we’d like to use on our devices without the concern about whether it’s wireless or not. All you have to do to use your wired keyboard or mouse is install this plugin, attach your Camera dongle and you can play a game with your USB controller, which is awesome since we don’t have a variety of gaming options on the iPhone or iPad. And if gaming isn’t your thing then feel free to use your mouse, keyboards without and restrictions.

And dont forget this is a Cydia only option so if your not jailbroken your not going to be able to do this. The CameraConnector tweak is available for $0.99 through the BigBoss repository and will require you to have the iPad Camera connection kit.

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