Unlock Any Jailbroken iPhone regardless of Baseband Now

One reason that people jailbreak their phones is because of the ability to unlock their phones and use them with any GSM carrier they desire. And with every new firmware that apple releases they always have to wait for a set period of time and make sure that they have all the right requirements which can be a drag.  But today we get great news as we see a new method for unlocking has been discovered by a chinese researcher by the name of Loktar_Sun.  

iPhone Dev and Jailbreak expert MuscleNerd has brought attention to a new method of unlocking that was discovered by Loktar_Sun which uses the help of SAM (Subscriber Artifical Module) to unlock any iDevice on any firmware. And as any jailbreak and unlocker would know is amazing as most of the time unlocks can only be done on specific basebands which limit the ability to unlock if you’ve accidentally updated your phone. To unlock your phone you will need to follow the detailed directions that i’ve posted below. Do keep in mind that in doing this method you will need to have the SIM card that you want to unlock in the device and if you want to unlock a your iPhone to work another SIM you will have to repeat the process again.

What You Need:  You are going to need you iPhone, a computer with an up to date version of iTunes and a working internet connection. And if you are in the UK you will need a phone that is not on a IMEI Blacklist.

Step 1:  Go to Cydia on your iPhone and click on Manage, then on the sources tab. Then click edit and add the repo URL for the SAM Package. The url is http://repo.bingner.com and install the offical SAM Package.


Step 2:  Click and launch the SAM app located on your Springboard or as some of you might call it a home screen.  At this stage make sure that your intended SIM card is presently in the device.  After you Launch the app select “Utilities” then select “De-Activate iPhone”.  Once done it should say that your ActivationState is “Unactivated”

Step 3: Keep the SAM app up and set the method to “By Country and Carrier” .  Next your going to look for your carrier on the list.  Then click on the “More Information” tab and copy the IMSI that is showing in the “SAM Details” area. Next hit “Spoof Real Sim to Sam”.  Make your way back to the main screen again and set your “Method” to Manual, then paste the IMSI number that you previously copied.


Step 4:  Next you will connect your iPhone to your computer and iTunes will re-activate your phone. Once the process is done you can go to the device details section and double click on your phone number to make sure that the displayed ICCID matches that which is found on your SIM card.  If for some reason they do not match up you will have to start the whole process over again. But if they do unplug your device, go to the SAM app and disable the SAM package. Reconnect to iTunes and remember to not be freaked out by any error messages you’ll get. Just restart itunes.


Step 5: If you’ve followed the instructions then after a short bit of time your iPhone will now be displaying your signal bars, which means that everything was successful and you now have an awesome unlocked iPhone.  If you find that your push notifications aren’t working just reload the SAM app and using “Clear Push” in the options. Then just reconnect to iTunes again and your all set.


And remember that if you did intend to use another SIM card down the road, you will have to do the process over again for the new card. However now you will now how to do it and the process will go  by much faster.

6 thoughts to “Unlock Any Jailbroken iPhone regardless of Baseband Now”

  1. Awesome post, i’ve been waiting for so long for a unlock for my upgraded iphone. Thx a bunch i’ll definetly recommend you to my friends in the same boat 🙂

  2. vanessa,

    did u tried this, and does it work well?

    I am also in the same boat.., and was waiting for this.
    But before trying myself, just wanted to know others’ expereience.

    Pls. reply if anyone have tried this method.


    1. Hi hitesh, i’ve actually tried and used this method and it worked great. There have not been any downsides so far and the process itself is pretty easy to do. Let me know when you try it and how it turns out for you. And if you need help just comment or check out the tutorial again.

  3. So as long as ESN is clean I can take any iPhone 4s and make it useable on Sprint US network?

    1. If you haven’t done it by now, then it won’t work at all because Apple has already patched their activation server.

  4. Cris,

    thanks for the confirmation.

    I tried it, and it went nice with very first trial.
    after that I had hard time to do it, but somehow I cuold do it again with other sim card, and then even after deleting SAM app, it works with great signal.

    something to note is ,
    my 4s is jailbrocken with greenpoison
    after jailbreak, it was not detecting the network.
    I used sam, and it worked, then even without sam it works
    The reason might be I don’t have sim, which is purely non-att.., as it uses att network
    and the sim work with any att locked phones.

    I don’t understand, why it would not work when jailbrocken and then if it needs SAM, then why it works without that now.
    Cris, can u help please.

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