Original iPad Prototype


Wow, with all of the mockup images that we’ve seen it’s awesome to see some actual photo’s of the iPad Prototype. In the actual images it appears to be a bit bigger than the mockups lead to believe. And when compared to the iPad 2 there it just looks so tiny in comparison to the prototype.

When you take the time to look at the prototype you can see that it looks like a White MacBook minus the flip top screen. The Prototype which is listed 035 will make any current iPad user happy that this huge white plastic device never made it to market.

I can’t imagine who would want to have their iPad be the same size as their MacBook. But i am glad that they ended up with the beautiful piece of tech that we have today. ┬áIf you want more tech new follow our blog or me @crisizeppi

Image Credit BuzzFeed

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