iPhone Prototype Features 5 Inch Screen, USB, Ethernet, And Serial Ports

It’s been six years now since the iPhone came into our lives and with the current version of it, we never think of how the early models of it looked while it was still a Prototype.  As expected the Prototype looks nothing like the first version of the iPhone which is understandable as apple was trying to find it’s unique design.

These images of the early iPhone Prototype show that when it was in it’s early stages apple was considering a more portable pocket computer more than a sleek mobile device. As you can see in the pictures the iPhone Prototype included a serial port, usb ports and ethernet port. As this device would have been massive its no wonder that it underwent further development and changes. Can you image rocking this awesome brick in your pocket to makes calls lol. It would have been pretty cool to see a smart phone come out with all of the peripherals that this offers but as only a small percentage of the market would know what to do with it it would never happen.

And as we step forward into the future with the up coming iPhone that is soon to be released we can take a look back and see the marvelous evolution that it has taken from its early Prototype to where it currently sits with the iPhone 5 and its sleek small design and processor. We have come a long way from the early Samsung S3C2410 that the Prototype rocked.


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