iOS Flaw Could End Up Costing You A Fortune If Traveling Abroad

We all know how costly it can be to have your iDevice with you when traveling internationally as most of the time your going to be roaming data services. And to prevent these charges we would turn off data roaming on the phone to help us avoid that from happening.

The problem is that a bug has been found in iOS programming that allows your devices to download apps over 3G networks even if you have turned off the feature through the settings. That means you could potentially come home to find a nice $1000.00 bill even when you’ve taken measures to prevent it.

The report comes in from Pockent-lint that this “dramatic” flaw affects any 3G capable iOS device. So for all you iPhone and iPad users that are running either iOS 5 or iOS 4 and traveling aboard and downloading apps, you are running the risk of having your iDevice that is hooked up to a wifi connection switch over to 3G randomly and end up costing you a fortune. The other problem that we’re finding is that this also affects users who do not have data plans as the phone will still try to make a 3G connection.

There is a setting on your iOS device that allows you to use mobile data to download from the App Store over a 3G connection. THis setting comes set to off by default so you’ll probably want to leave it there to try to not rack up your data use. The problem however is that even with this setting off it allows you to download over 3G so it basically does nothing at all. Tis is a very very big problem for all those users who travel overseas and it’s going to affect a lot of iOS users. The most shocking part is that this problem has been around since iOS 4 and apple has yet to take care of it.

And just to let you readers know, when the tab is switched off to not allow downloading on 3G on iDevices it will not allow you to auto update on 3G but like i said it will allow you to download apps.

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