i-FlashDrive HD Is A Flash Drive For Your iDevice


If you ever wish you had a way to backup your files from your iPad then your in luck. The i-FlashDrive HD is a USB Stick with a 30-pin connector on the back so you can not only transfer files back and forth between your iPad/iPod/iPhone but you can also store and read files off the device via the built in app. What really makes this cool is the fact that now you can store files like TV Shows, Movies, and Documents that you don’t want stealing all your precious space.

The only downside to this cool device is going to be the pricing. The low end 8GB version is going to run you $100 and the Higher end 64GB version is a outrageous $329. Honestly if you were going to buy the 64GB version so that you could add extra video files on your iPad or iDevice your better off buying a 16GB iPad mini and having an extra device to play on.


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