Compare the iPhone 4 With iPhone 5 Case thinness

Those aforementioned organizations pumping out the cases seem pretty certain of how the device will eventually turn out, and while many ideas, conceptsrumors and leaks have been thrown against the wall, a few, including the shape of the device, have stuck. The cases we’ve seen coming predominantly from China have given the tech world the impression that the iPhone 5 will be getting a rounded, iPad 2-like design which will be wider yet thinner.

Up until now, it has been hard to surmise just how different the design will be in terms of dimensions and scale. But as ever, one novel techie with a little initiative has gotten a hold of one of the cases and, using some of Apple’s current devices as a gauge, gives us a better idea of how much thinner and wider the device is going to get.

Looking at the above image, it appears the newer iPhone is going to be significantly thinner than the current iPhone 4. The case scarcely covers the sleep button at the top, potentially shaving up to 3mm from the depth of its would-be predecessor. This is a massive difference when taken into consideration that the iPhone 4 is already only 9.3mm deep.

There is also quite a bit of air space at the side of the device, further corroborating the notion that we will be seeing a larger screen. While, once again, it will only be a few millimeters at best, and in smartphone terms, this is a significant increase. Teamed with a better camera, revamped iOS as well as the many other features we may or may not be seeing, it sure makes for an exciting prospect.

It seems as though the iPhone 5 will see Cupertino embody everything good and celebrated of the current iDevice roster, taking the smooth style of the iPad 2, the thinness of the iPod touch while maintaining the class and sophistication which has kept the iPhone 4 at the top of the pile, despite being something of a granddad in the smartphone league tables.

Those of you itching to get your hands on it, you had better have the money ready – it is set to be announced sometime in the next few weeks and could be hitting the shelves in around a months’ time!

(via 9to5mac)

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