Apple Newsstand Store is live

The Store button is now appearing for some in the Newsstand app on iPads/iPhones that run iOS 5 GM. Clicking the button takes you to a new iTunes section listing all digital magazines that have been updated for Newsstand. You can filter the list by Featured or Release Date. The initial selection at press time included about 120 digital publications optimized for Newsstand. Apple yesterday began populating the iOS 5 Newsstand app with first digital magazines.

As you know, Newsstand is a special folder on your iOS 5 device with a nice-looking wooden shelf that keeps all your digital publications in one place. Note that the makers of iOS digital publications are required to update their apps with Newsstand functionality because otherwise the app won’t place them in the Newsstand folder. After updating digital publications via the App Store or iTunes, your device will move its icon into the Newsstand folder. There have been some questions about how Newsstand functions, including why can’t one simply drag a publication’s app icon into the Newsstand folder.

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