Apple launches GarageBand App for all iOS devices

Today Apple has released a new iOS GarageBand app for $4.99. The App brings GarageBand to not just the iPad this time but also to all other iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPod touch. Also in this version of GarageBand for iOS you are now able to create custom chords for instruments and also support for variable time signatures.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with with GarageBand it’s an app that comes preinstalled on Mac’s OSX. Here is Apples description of it from the official press release . “GarageBand features a collection of fun Touch Instruments that sound great and make it easy for beginners or experienced musicians to play and record keyboards, guitars, drums and basses in a wide variety of styles. Smart Instruments now allow you to choose from an extensive new library of custom chords so you can play and strum along with your favorite songs.”

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