Apple Is Working On iWatch Product

Rumor’s have been circulating lately that Apple is building an iWatch concept that users will be able to wear. This device will feature a curved glass design that will allow the device to be worn comfortably, which sounds a lot like Corning’s Flexible Willow Glass that is not only super slim but is also capable of bending around a surface. These rumors have been confirmed by The Wall Street Journal with a recent quote:

Apple Inc. is experimenting with designs for a watch-like device that would perform some functions of a smartphone, according to people briefed on the effort.”

The company has discussed such a device with its major manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., one of these people said, as part of explorations of potentially large product categories beyond the smartphone and tablet.”

While the concept of a wearable watch that controls your smartphone and displays text messages, email and enables other phone control is not new Apple is aiming to create their own iteration to dominate the market. Companies such as Pebble are already selling their wearable phone companions that allow you do all of the previously mentioned functions, however if Apple is making a Siri enabled device that would most likely increase interest and demand for and iOS enabled watch.

Currently there is no  ETA on when a iWatch like device will debut, but with Apples Human Interface group in action it’s only a matter of time before we start talking to Siri through our watches.

Image Credit : ADR Studios

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