Apple iCards great for all but awesome for the lazy

I’m sure that a lot of you have probably forgotten about Apple’s iCards app. With all the news coming in this week and the unfortunate passing of Steve Jobs. iCards was announced this week and actually uses something called the Postal Service to send (brace for it) messages and images through a physical sense of e-mail called mail. And despite sounding like something outdated that old people are doing iCards is pretty cool.

Apple officially put out details on its iCards App today, and i’m very excited to hear more. iCards will let you take a photo on your idevice and send it out as a folded letterpress card. You get to choose between 21 different designs, add personalized messages and pick the contacts right from your device. After that your all set to ship it out and apple even ships worldwide. The Domestic rate is $2.99 and international will be $4.99. This includes your card and the postage, and you get to track your letter along the way to make sure it arrives.

Paying $2.99 for a letterpress card is a pretty good deal considering that if you go to the store to buy a card, it’s going to run you upwards of $3 plus your trip to the store and the hassle of getting it and filling it out. And Quite simply, Apple is taking the work out of being courteous, which is great, as being courteous sucks. With these, nobody will know how lazy you actually are. Except other iPhone owners. But who cares about them, right?

Several of the designs are now previewed online. They’re quite pretty cool i’m sure a lot of people will send at least 1 out to try it. [Apple]

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